Your dental practitioner may have given you Emla Cream to apply before an IV sedation. This will help numb the area where a needle is inserted and reduce bruising.

Instructions for use on intact skin

  1. pressing cream onto skin Ensure skin is clean and dry. Press out a sufficient quantity of cream at the site of the procedure.

  2. peeling a dressing Take one of the enclosed occlusive dressings and remove the centre cutout piece.

  3. peeling a liner Peel the paper liner from the per framed dressing.

  4. covering over applied cream Cover the emla cream so that you get a thick layer underneath. Do not spread out the cream. Smooth down the dressing edges carefully to avoid leakage.

  5. covering over applied cream Remove the paper frame. NB. emla cream must be applied at least 1 hour before the start of the procedure.