On the day of surgery

  • Do not drink any alcohol, play with the wound, or do any vigourous/strenuous activities.
  • Slight oozing of blood is normal. If significant bleeding occurs, place the provided damp gauze over the bleeding site and apply pressure by biting down firmly for 15-30 minutes.

This may need to be repeated.

If this fails to control the bleeding please contact us immediately.

  • if possible, do not smoke for 3 days as this increases the risk of painful complication called a dry socket.
  • To minimise swelling, an icepack (small bag of frozen peas wrapped in a towel) may be held on the side of the face. Apply 10-15 minutes every hour on the day of surgery.

On the day after surgery

  • It is essential to keep all wounds clean.
  • Brush your teeth if applicable, but being careful around any wounds.
  • Bathe the wound 4-6 times a day with hot salty water (1/4 teaspoon salt per glass of water) for 1 week.

If prescribed, use your mouth rinse twice per day for one week.

It is normal to have a small amount of bleeding, swelling, discomfort, and a difficulty in opening, however if symptoms become severe please contact us immediately.