Yun Lee BOH

Dental Hygienist

I graduated Bachelor of Oral Health at University of Otago in 2017 and am now an Oral Health Therapist. I have moved to Christchurch and have started practising here since February 2018 at several practices. I joined the QE2 team in August 2018 and I am enjoying working here.

I have vast knowledge of dental procedures, cross infection control, hygiene protocols, and solutions to problems with a specific interest in preventive care for adults and children's dentistry, particularly from a preventative dentistry perspective because I strongly believe that "prevention is always better than treatment".

My primary goal is to ensure that everyone has an impressive experience and have fun at the dentist. I always guide patients smoothly through difficult procedures like if you are nervous or have extensive work to be done. I am quite friendly and caring, but posess excellent clinical skills.

Yun Lee

Areas of interest

  • Oral health therapy
  • Hygiene
  • Preventative dentistry
  • Anxious patients