Susan Betts BDS


Originally from the North East of Scotland, I completed my first degree in adult nursing in 2007. I worked as an adult nurse for several years before completing my Bachelors of Dental Surgery in 2013, as I wanted greater autonomy in patient care.

I have worked in both general practice and hospital dentistry since qualifying, then spent a year as a senior house officer in the maxillofacial department in the South of Wales, U.K.

I feel the skills learnt as a nurse enable me to be a more patient practioner, understanding medical conditions and anxious patients to provide dentistry in a calming, informative, and friendly manner.

With amalgam being phased out in Europe, I prefer to use composite whenever possible and enjoy all aspects of general dentistry.

My family and I moved to Christchurch in 2017 for my husband's work, but we love it here so much we've decided to stay for longer.

I have one wee girl and if I ever get free time I love traveling, cycling, running, baking and skiing.

Susan Betts

Areas of interest

  • General dentistry
  • Maxillofacial dentistry
  • Anxious patients